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To take care of our complete health, we have to address both our physical and wellness needs. Our wellness needs cover our emotional, mental, spiritual, and social concerns, all of which constitute the promotion of overall health. At Heart to Heart Care, LLC, we pay diligent attention to our residents’ wellness.

We achieve this through:

  • Ensuring that they have been served healthy and well-balanced meals
  • Providing assistance with their daily personal care, hygiene, and grooming as necessary
  • Assisting or reminding them to take medications when necessary
  • Providing person-centered activities that promote their personal independence
  • Promoting community-based activities that enhance life skills
  • Providing opportunities to make choices and decisions with their daily activities
  • Assisting in community events that promote the inclusion of persons with developmental disabilities

If your loved one needs this kind of support, they are very welcome at our facility. Ask us if you have any inquiries about our wellness services.